Marketing for HORN

Our grow now! Program: Digital marketing and data intelligence for optimal growth in e-commerce



Leder Horn - a traditional chain store with nine branches - was looking for a partner to revitalize and optimize its digital marketing.

As an e-commerce newcomer, you were looking for know-how and pragmatic help in developing your online potential.

How we create added value

As we had already created the online store for HORN together with the agency deepr, we were very familiar with HORN's potential and requirements.

Based on the jointly developed e-commerce strategy, marketing campaigns are regularly planned and implemented in the online store and on social media channels, in close cooperation with the client and deepr.

As part of our specially developed, agile marketing process, the success of the campaigns is regularly measured in order to further improve the results in the next sprint.

With our help, HORN has successfully made the leap into digital commerce and is hungry for the next steps.