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"We have been working with the WordPress agency 11bytes as an implementation partner for WordPress and Jamstack projects for several years now and it can be said: Web agency with high competence, professional working methods and fast implementation of our complex projects."


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Innovative AND robust solutions for your challenge

As an innovative WordPress agency, we are not only really good at WordPress, but also systematically supplement it with innovations such as headless CMS, powerful API integrations, no-code automation or individual AI solutions. This enables you to leverage the unbeatable efficiency and robustness of WordPress while establishing important innovations for your digital transformation.

Intuitive customer experience

High-quality design, inspiring customer experiences and user guidance optimized for conversions. High-performance ad publishing.

Seamless integration

Individual API integrations, customized middleware, complex tracking setups, deep integration of e.g. marketing automation platforms.

Robust scaling

Multisite, Elasticsearch for large amounts of data, DevOps experience for scaling.

Editorial workflows

Flexible processes for your content teams. Playing out content on various target platforms.

As an innovative WordPress agency, we offer you:

What benefits can you expect from Headless WordPress?

As an innovative WordPress agency, we offer our clients headless WordPress solutions. This offers a number of advantages, including:As an innovative WordPress agency, we offer our clients headless WordPress solutions. This offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Flexibility: Headless WordPress separates backend management and frontend rendering, giving you the freedom to use any frontend technology you want, be it React, Vue.js or Angular. This allows you to create a custom user experience that meets your exact requirements.
  2. Performance: Since the frontend is powered by a separate technology, you can optimize performance by using lightweight and performant frontend frameworks. This can reduce loading times and improve the user experience.
  3. Scalability: Since the backend of WordPress and the frontend are separate, you can scale them independently of each other. This allows you to better manage peak loads and improve the overall performance of your website.
  4. Security: Headless CMS configurations can be more secure as the frontend and backend are decoupled. Especially when using static front-end solutions, the possible points of attack can be significantly reduced, which improves security.
  5. Custom applications: Headless WordPress allows you to create custom applications that access data through the WordPress backend. This allows you to develop complex applications that go beyond simple CMS functions.
What benefits can you expect from no-code automation?

No-code automations enable us as a WordPress agency to implement work processes and functions within WordPress with surprisingly little effort. No-code offers several advantages:

  1. Fast implementation: Automations can be implemented very quickly using visual workflows and simple drag-and-drop interfaces.
  2. Cost efficiency: As automations can be implemented quickly using visual workflows, the costs for setup and maintenance are reduced. You can also set up simple automations yourself and thus use resources more efficiently.
  3. Flexibility and adaptability: If business processes change, the automation can also be adapted quickly and easily.
  4. Save time: Users can focus on key business objectives while routine tasks are automated.
  5. Integrated functions: No-code tools can be easily integrated with plugins and APIs, making it easy to create links between WordPress and other platforms such as CRM, email marketing or social media.
  6. Scalability: Automated workflows can be easily adapted to keep pace with the company's growth. New workflows can be added just as easily so that the platform can keep pace with increasing requirements.

Overall, no-code automation in the context of WordPress enables more efficient, faster and more accessible management of processes and content. In practice, you can achieve a significantly higher degree of automation, thus saving time and offering your customers a better experience. As an innovative WordPress agency, we are happy to help you tap into this potential.as an innovative WordPress agency, we offer our customers headless WordPress solutions. This offers a number of benefits, including:

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