Publishing platform for Bauhelden Media

Digital platform for the provision of complex topic portals


The customer needed a new, high-performance solution to provide its wide-ranging themed portals in the areas of house construction and renovation.

The themed portals connect house builders and renovators with relevant service providers via high-quality content. Many thousands of pages of content and several databases with just as many entries from service providers and their products are available for this purpose. The content is regularly expanded and updated by the Bauhelden team.

Key requirements were high reliability of the technical solution, high cost-effectiveness, high SEO performance, high flexibility in further development, reusability of the solutions for new theme portals, simple and effective operation by the content teams.

The platform was to be implemented on the basis of WordPress in order to replace the previous Typo3-based solutions.

How we create added value

The WordPress publishing platform was implemented in an agile process in close cooperation with the customer in several stages, and further features are continuously being added.

The reach of the topic portals and the performance with regard to other KPIs has increased many times over since the migration to the new solution.

The consistent, holistic further development of the portals is constantly increasing the number of leads generated, the conversion rates and improving the user experience.

Diverse and innovative advertising formats increase the attractiveness of the portals for advertising customers.

Deep integration with various external services automates processes, saving the Bauhelden team time and resources and improving the service for advertising customers.