Personalization Platform

Low-code online platform for personalized content and A/B testing, implemented for a leading Swiss health marketplace.


The customer needed a solution to provide personalized content to its end customers. The marketing team also wanted to be able to implement various marketing campaigns quickly and without development effort in the online marketplace. The internal development department needed to be burdened as little as possible.

Another requirement was to measure and optimize the effectiveness of the campaigns with robust A/B tests.

The off-the-shelf tools previously used for this purpose did not meet the customer's requirements, so they were looking for a customized solution.

How we create added value

The onsite platform was implemented in an agile process in close cooperation with the customer in several stages, and further features are continuously being added.

Thanks to the Onsite Platform, end customers are presented with dynamic and individual campaigns. The Onsite Platform synchronizes visitor data with several external databases in real time. The bottom line is that this increases revenue per customer.

The client's marketing team can manage new campaigns themselves without needing the internal development department or 11bytes.

A/B tests are used daily by the customer. The onsite platform also supports complex scenarios that, for example, present different elements across the entire customer journey of an end customer. The fine-grained evaluation of the A/B tests enables continuous optimization of the marketplace's conversion rate.

The onsite platform was implemented on the basis of Laravel. The hosting implemented by 11bytes is highly available and allows fast and robust scaling if required.