Assima online store platform

Development of a high-performance online store platform for the Assima2 dealer network


The long-established retailer association Assima2 was looking for a way to offer its affiliated leather goods retailers individual, cost-effective and high-performance online stores.

The online stores should function as automatically as possible, but still offer flexible options for customization and further development.

In particular, it should be possible to automate the provision of product data via connections to a central PIM and the retailers' respective ERP systems.

How we create added value

In cooperation with the agency deepr, 11bytes has created an online store platform that enables connected retailers to create a high-performance and cost-effective online store.

The online store platform was implemented with WooCommerce. This makes it easy to manage the store and orders. In addition, exciting customer experiences can later be implemented easily and without programming.

The automated connections to various ERP systems and a central PIM enable retailers to operate their online store with little time and effort.

Twelve retailers are already using the online store platform.